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Hanoi and Halong Bay Tours

Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer Nguyen posted 5 years, 2 months ago

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, is the second largest city in the country with a splendid and complex political history. It is situated right next to the Red River. October 2010 marked a 1000 years of its establishment, the architectural star of which is the 4 kilometer long Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural which was especially created to mark this occasion. The city witnesses the influx of many tourists throughout the year and is often called the ‘Paris of Asia’ because of its picturesque scenery and leafy areas covered with lakes, boulevards and numerous colonial buildings. It is well know for its successful preservation of its historic and traditional charm in the light of rapid urbanization and globalization. As of now (2015) it ranks at number 4 in the list of ‘World’s Best Destinations’ by TripAdvisor (Traveller’s Choice).

Although the city in itself is abound with multifarious tourist attractions which can be enjoyed by everyone, the most frequent choice of itinerary that travellers make is that of Hanoi along with Halong Bay tours from Hanoi or Halong cruises. This allows tourists a wholesome glimpse of Vietnam, in full glory in its cityscape and countryside charm.

The Halong Bay is a world famous tourist spot located in the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is the perfect destination for exotic and out- of- the- world experiences. It is fundamentally a vast water body covered in almost 2000 islets, which are home to diverse flora and fauna species. It also comprises grottos, caves and hidden lakes with exquisite limestone formations, which make for an unparalleled experience. Thus, the best way to visit these locales is by availing services via Halong Bay Tours and Halong Cruises. One is then able to view breathtaking sights on the bay in the tranquil luxury of cruise boats or ships which are very well equipped with various facilities and trained staff and professionals. Depending on the kind of itinerary chosen and the facilities availed; one can spend days on end in the midst of the bay wherein one’s needs, basic or otherwise are properly taken care of.

Along with the basic amenities and services, specialized activities are also conducted on or off the deck to make the stay more interesting. Starting from basic card and board games which are available on deck, one can also participate in beach drives, cooking classes, kayaking, swimming etc. certain packages also provide the benefit of cocktail classes, Tai Chi exercises, canoeing, snorkeling etc. Luxurious dinners are provided in traditional settings with originally handcrafted Vietnamese furnishings. More lavish packages also include a library, sundecks, gym, spa and sauna and allow for themed parties on request; personal servers are also provided along with personal cars and drivers. These packages also allow access to the more remote areas on the bay so that one can have a unique experience in comparison to others. Coupled with packages for touring Hanoi, tourists can have a beautiful taste of the spirit of Vietnam in all its diversity and deep historical profundity.

Trip: Hanoi and Halong Bay Tours

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