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Sights to See Along Halong Bay

Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer Nguyen posted 5 years, 3 months ago

Vietnam has seen a boom in tourism and a lot of holiday packages in Vietnam are offering travelers a chance to experience the rugged beauty of the country especially the spectacular Halong Bay. The bay is a tourist’s paradise and a traveller’s delight. There are great beaches, beautiful National Parks inhabited by exotic species of animals and white sand coves apart from historic places that adorn the bay.

Cat Ba National Park

The largest island in Halong Bay is at the heart of Vietnam’s adventure sports and ecotourism. The park can be accessed by boarding a QH public bus from the docks of Cat Ba Town, or by hiring a motorbike.

Open to visitors from 8 am, the park is home to various species of mammals and primates, some of whom are endangered— for example, the golden headed langur. There are also a number of species of birds like hornbills, hawks and cuckoos, and over a thousand species of plants, many of which are medicinal.

Lan Ha Bay

These islands lie to the south and east of Cat Ba Town and although this is geologically an extension of Halong Bay, they are part of a different province of Vietnam. There are beautiful white sand beaches and around 200 species of fish, 500 species of mollusc, 400 species of arthropods and abundant soft and hard corals. Large marine animals like seals and dolphins are spotted in the area as well. One can book kayak and sailing trips from Cat Ba and camp on Tiger beach (or Hai Pai Beach).

Cat Co Cove

Take a 15-minute walk from Cat Ba Town and arrive at the beautiful and pristine Cat Co Cove. White sand and great water for swimming the second cove is the better of the two. It has limestone cliffs and the Cat Ba Beach Resort. There are also resorts in the first and third Cat Co. One can also reach Cat Co by train which passes along hilly pathways and the three beaches are striking and very popular among tourists, local and international alike.

Bai Tu Long National Park

The park is situated in north-east Vietnam and located within the Bai Tu Long Bay and along with Halong Bay contains beautiful regions of national parks both terrestrial and aquatic. There are five kinds of ecosystems and great geological areas that attract a lot of travellers from all over the world. There are many tours that operate in the area that can take travellers up to the Bai Tu Long Bay and to the National Parks.

Historic Vietnam:

Hospital Cave

This cave is located about 10 kms north of Cat Ba Town and falls on the way to the entrance of the National Park. There are 17 rooms and a huge natural cavern that was used as a cinema and also has a small swimming pool. It was built between 1963 and 1965 and used till 1975. This is a great specimen of engineering worth visiting.

Cannon Fort

The Cannon Fort offers a spectacular view, and is a 10-minute walk up a steep track. One can also hire Xe Oms or motorcycle taxis to reach this place. The Japanese first installed underground tunnels and gun emplacements here during the 2nd World War. The sea surrounding the area is spotted with Karsts and looks outstanding. Visit this place for the views or the terrific café and juice bar.

Most of these spots are covered by the popular Vietnam Adventure Tours that operate in and around the Halong Bay. There are also the train rides that form an integral part of the Halong Bay experience. A heady concoction of nature, history and the contemporary, the Halong Bay is truly worth every penny.

Location: Vietnam