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5 Reasons the Mekong Delta Needs to Be On Your Bucket List

Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer Nguyen posted 5 years, 4 months ago

If you wish to experience the true colours of Vietnam, a tour to Mekong Delta must make it to the top of your bucket list. Popularly known as the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, this tiny region occupies only ten percent of total land mass of the country, but is responsible for a third of the total food production in Vietnam. Densely populated and cultivated, this is one region that is teeming with life and culture, and is popularly known as a “biological treasure trove”.

Life here is mostly river-based, and one can commonly see floating markets, houses and restaurants lining the river bank. In fact, there are a number of villages that can be accessible only by boats and do not have access to a road. A cruise through Mekong Delta can be the best way to explore this piece of Vietnamese paradise.

Here are 5 reasons why Mekong Delta should be at the top of your travel bucket list:

1. Experience a riot of colours: From the lush paddy fields, the vibrant tropical flowers and luscious tropical fruits, to colourful festivals and rituals, Mekong Delta is sure to dazzle you with its sheer beauty and vibrancy. A tour to Mekong Delta will provide you with an experience of a lifetime for sure.

2. Boat cruise: This is a must do activity when being here! Numerous rivers, water bodies, back waters and vein through the Mekong Delta. So, if you if are looking for some R&R, your best bet is to take the Mekong Delta Cruise. You can explore the gorgeous region, get the rich taste of heritage and culture and also experience some blissful moments on serene water. The floating markets add a charming touch to the whole experience.

3. The quintessential Vietnamese life: If you are one of those travellers who need to feel and experience the local culture, then Mekong Delta won’t disappoint you. Here, you could enjoy a warm home-stay, eat delicious home-cooked meal, or sample fresh fruits from a floating market. While you’ll not get many five-star facilities here, but you’ll get a chance to create memories worth cherishing for a lifetime.

4. Historical charm: While Mekong is typically famous for its rivers and paddy fields, this place is also a delightful haven for a history enthusiast! The ancient architectural wonders of Khmer pagodas will enshroud you with an old-world charm and spirituality, and the intricate detailing of these pagodas will leave you spellbound.

5. The thriving wildlife: Last but not least, Mekong Delta is known as a “Biological Treasure Trove”. A safari tour is a great way to explore the biodiversity of the region. With a breathtaking variety of avian fauna, the delta is any bird lover’s paradise. Another popular wildlife attraction here are the giant crocodiles that dominated this region at one time.

In short, if you are looking for a unique nature retreat with a rustic charm, you know where to plan your next vacation.

Location: Vietnam